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About Siren Management    

With a vision for the future and control of day-to-day events, we plan a strategic course for the successful management of your property.


  • Create the appreciation of your real estate investment together with the highest quality of living standards achievable for your building.
  • Facilitate harmony between owners or boards of directors and shareholders, and tenants.
  • Facilitate harmony between owners or boards of directors and shareholders, and tenants.


  • Involve the owners, board of directors, building staff employees and residents in a common effort to establish consistent short-term and long-term goals; develop plans to achieve these goals.


  • Guarantee the total involvement of our principals, thereby availing our clients of the firm's most experienced professional talent.
  • Assign an experienced and dedicated individual managing agent to each property, providing comprehensive, full-time personal attention.
  • Charge the managing agent with the responsibility for inspecting the property, supervising the building staff, overseeing all repairs and improvements, and staying involved with the building residents to ensure that established goals are being achieved.
  • Oversee an administrative staff that provides competent, professional and courteous assistance to our clients and building residents, owners and tenants alike.


  • Property management reports generated from our data processing center.
  • Payroll processing services.
  • Detailed accounting analysis for the preparation of building operating budgets.


  • Directives are followed through.
  • Items of concern are resolved to completion.
  • Projects are successful.
  • Buildings are operated within budget or clients understand any variances.
  • Our managed properties receive acclaim for appearance and staff attitude.
  • Owners and residents are thoroughly satisfied.

Managing to be the future of your real estate